Full uptick Command ListΒΆ

Swiss army knife for interacting with the BitShares blockchain.

$ uptick --help
Usage: uptick [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --debug / --no-debug            Enable/Disable Debugging (no-broadcasting
  --node TEXT                     Websocket URL for public BitShares API
                                  (default: "wss://this.uptick.rocks/")
  --rpcuser TEXT                  Websocket user if authentication is required
  --rpcpassword TEXT              Websocket password if authentication is
  -d, --nobroadcast / --broadcast
                                  Do not broadcast anything
  -x, --unsigned / --signed       Do not try to sign the transaction
  -e, --expires INTEGER           Expiration time in seconds (defaults to 30)
  -v, --verbose INTEGER           Verbosity (0-15)
  --version                       Show version
  --help                          Show this message and exit.

  addkey                  Add a private key to the wallet
  allow                   Add a key/account to an account's permission
  api                     Open an local API for trading bots
  approvecommittee        Approve committee member(s)
  approveproposal         Approve a proposal
  approvewitness          Approve witness(es)
  balance                 Show Account balances
  broadcast               Broadcast a json-formatted transaction
  buy                     Buy a specific asset at a certain rate...
  cancel                  Cancel one or multiple orders
  changewalletpassphrase  Change the wallet passphrase
  configuration           Show configuration variables
  delkey                  Delete a private key from the wallet
  disallow                Remove a key/account from an account's...
  disapprovecommittee     Disapprove committee member(s)
  disapproveproposal      Disapprove a proposal
  disapprovewitness       Disapprove witness(es)
  feeds                   Price Feed Overview
  getkey                  Obtain private key in WIF format
  history                 Show history of an account
  info                    Obtain all kinds of information
  listaccounts            List accounts (for the connected network)
  listkeys                List all keys (for all networks)
  newaccount              Create a new account
  newfeed                 Publish a price feed! Examples:  uptick...
  openorders              List open orders of an account
  orderbook               Show the orderbook of a particular market
  permissions             Show permissions of an account
  proposals               List proposals
  randomwif               Obtain a random private/public key pair
  sell                    Sell a specific asset at a certain rate...
  set                     Set configuration parameters
  sign                    Sign a json-formatted transaction
  ticker                  Show ticker of a market
  trades                  List trades in a market
  transfer                Transfer assets
  upgrade                 Upgrade Account